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Ownership of dogs can be a legal nightmare when unexpected issues crop up with co-owners, breeding, showing and leasing, placement of puppies; the maze of AKC paperwork can be a daunting issue all by itself.   If such problems are not controlled, a respectable kennel can have its reputation tarnished and its profits consumed.  Having access to an attorney able to navigate the confusing area of dog law is a must for any serious kennel owner or handler. 

Lisa Curry, Esq., has experience in dog law, including writing, negotiating and litigating contracts, such as those for co-owners, handlers, boarding kennels, stud dogs and bitch leasing.  She has experience with AKC rules and regulations regarding registration and ownership, and can assist with record-keeping issues as well. Having raised and shown dogs for years, Lisa Curry has an insider’s view of the dog world that allows her to approach dog law issues with a unique perspective.

Call Ms. Curry at 201-400-7407 for a free telephone consultation on your dog law issue.

Lisa Curry practices law in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Her practice also focuses on the areas of employment law and civil litigation.



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